Jordanian king welcomes Palestinian reconciliation deal

Unity deal offers hope for Palestinians

EU offers support to reunite Gaza Strip and West Bank

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah (L) shakes hands with Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza.

Hamas and Fatah delegations signed "Settlement Agreement" yesterday, which ended Division of Palestine in negotiations in Cairo, capital of Egypt.

"The dialogue committee for reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas started work under Egyptian sponsorship", the Hamas delegate told AFP.

Moscow hails the deal on restoring Palestinian unity reached by rival factions Fatah and Hamas in Cairo on Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry was quoted by TASS news agency as saying Friday.

The talks "began in the headquarters of the Egyptian intelligence to examine the files to enable a Palestinian national unity government to work in the Gaza Strip", he added.

Multiple previous attempts at reconciliation have failed but the latest Egyptian-led push received a major boost last month when Hamas agreed to cede civil power in Gaza.

Upon taking control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Hamas appointed 42,000 employees to replace the tens of thousands of Palestinian Authority workers who left their positions as the internal Palestinian conflict developed.

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