Indiana Lawmaker Wants Journalists to be Licensed

Indiana Republican drafts bill to require journalists to be 'licensed' after Trump threatens NBC

IN GOPer Drafts Bill To Force Journalists To Get Licenses Like Gun Owners

STATEWIDE-Indiana state Republican Jim Lucas says the idea of the government licensing journalists is "reprehensible", but he still had a bill drafted to do just that.

The journalist licensing bill, which he said he may file to make a point, is nearly identical to the handgun bill.

An Indiana state lawmaker wants to see journalists obtain licenses with state police the same way handgun owners are required to do in the state, the Indy Star reported.

But Lucas said the bill is really about gun rights - Lucas has tried unsuccessfully to repeal an IN law that requires a permit to carry a handgun.

"If you're okay licensing my second amendment right, what's wrong with licensing your first amendment right?" They would be fingerprinted and have to pay $75 for a lifetime license. "He has been harshly critical of the media's coverage of the handgun bill".

The Indy Star called the proposal "almost an exact copy of Indiana's law requiring a license to carry a handgun".

If journalists have been convicted of a felony, their application may not be approved. The proposal, however, may be more rhetorical than serious.

Whether Lucas actually plans to introduce the bill is a murkier question.

"It depends on how egregious and irresponsible you are between now and then", he said.

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