Super Mario Odyssey Receives First Perfect Score Review

Screengrab from the promotional music video of

Screengrab from the promotional music video of"Super Mario Odyssey."YouTube Nintendo

As it so happens, Super Mario Odyssey isn't the first Nintendo Switch title to have received a ideal score from EDGE, as the critically-acclaimed action-adventure title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was also honored with a flawless grade.

The live action trailer shows Mario jumping and dancing about with real people on the streets of New Donk City while Pauline stands atop a sky scraper singing the same song she sang in the E3 trailer. "Although most of the text is obscured in favor of displaying the final score in the picture, it looks as if the multi-format video game magazine is elated by the title's ability to "[take] big risks with an established formula" and have them "pay off handsomely".

Super Mario Odyssey releases for Nintendo Switch on October 27th alongside a brand new hardware bundle, which includes a digital download copy of the game and Mario-themed red Joy-Cons.

If you're interested in seeing some definitely spoilery footage of Super Mario Odyssey, I'd recommend giving this a watch. We also get to see Mario using Cappy to take over various objects and creatures like bullet bills, lamp posts and a cute little pupper.

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