Liverpool and Arsenal's Christmas Eve clash set for 12.30 kickoff?

7=. Thierry Henry- 0.29 assists-per-match

GETTY 7=. Thierry Henry- 0.29 assists-per-match

On Tuesday morning, fan representatives from supporters trusts and the FSF (Football Supporters Federation) met Richard Scudamore, with Premier League Christmas fixtures one of the subjects under discussion.

It is understood a "lunchtime start" for a game that would be shown live by Sky Sports is being discussed "amid the logistical problems of staging it" on December 24 and "supporter opposition to the scheduling".

"I know that we have to adapt to the schedule dictated by television, but overall I would say if that, personally, I don't think any games should be played after 2pm on Christmas Eve".

Perhaps the only positive was the promise of no late kick-offs on the day, which would not only be greeted by grumbles from the public and more than likely the players, but also the fans whose travel would become nigh-on impossible should games start late.

"What you wouldn't like to sacrifice is the evening with family, but overall we have moved towards a society where religion isn't considered in any decisions anymore".

Arsenal's Premier League clash with Liverpool on Christmas Eve will reportedly go ahead with kickoff to take place at 12.30pm. "People want to watch football during the Christmas period".

"At today's PL/FSF Fans Group meeting Richard Scudamore commits to no 4pm KO or later on Christmas Eve".

Indeed, fans with season tickets will have saved a total of £10million across the season through such discounts offered by clubs.

In the lead-up to the meeting, there were widespread rumours and concerns at the suggestion that games on Saturday 23 December could be moved to Christmas Eve for live TV coverage.

"R Scudamore commits to no PL TV KOs on Sunday mornings/nights".

Only once in Premier League history has a game ever been played on Christmas Eve.

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