ROSWELL is Getting Rebooted with an Immigration Twist at The CW

Roswell reboot in the works at The CW as sci-fi immigration drama

'Roswell' Reboot With Immigration Twist In Works At the CW From Amblin TV

Oh, and in addition to being a cop, he's also an alien (like, a space alien) who has spent his life in hiding in the alien-themed tourist trap of Roswell. Much like their Dynasty reboot, The CW is cutting ties with the original Roswell series and going back to the drawing board.

Roswell ran from 1999 to 2002 (its final season moved from the WB to UPN), and racked up a small but devoted fan base that famously showed its support for the show by shipping bottles of Tabasco - the condiment favoured by its extraterrestrial teens - to network execs.

Now, The CW is developing a Roswell reboot from The Originals writer Carina Adly MacKenzie. She protects his secret as the two reconnect and begin to investigate his origins, but when a violent attack and long-standing government cover-up point to a greater alien presence on Earth, the politics of fear and hatred threaten to expose him and destroy their deepening romance. And from Variety's description, it sounds like it would have all the same elements of romance, drama, supernatural mysteries, and conspiracy theories, too. Brown was an EP on the original series. Produced by Jason Katims, who would go on to produce Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Boston Public and About a Boy, it starred Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, and Brendan Fehr.

But alas, it was not meant to be and, despite our desire to revisit Max, Liz, Michael and Isabel's lives, we're still excited to see how The CW's reimagining of Roswell will turn out.

No word yet on when the show will return, but we do know the updated series will be keeping things current by taking on a very different, very timely issue: The protagonist is the daughter of undocumented immigrants.

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