When Shemar Moore Will Return To Criminal Minds In Season 13

Shemar Moore Returns to'Criminal Minds for His Baby Girl

Criminal Minds: Season 13; Shemar Moore Returning to CBS Series This Month

She is, after all, his "baby girl", and he'll do everything that he can in order to help her. Unsurprisingly (but unfortunately) it'll be another short stay.

"At the end of that case, back in Season 3, is when Garcia got shot, so she's going to deal with a little reminder of that time in her life - and may or may not get a little pep talk from Morgan". The big thing that holds him back from doing even more is that he clearly is very busy with another show.

The 47-year-old actor left the show after 11 seasons, and previously returned for the season 12 finale. While this guest star spot isn't an indication that Morgan will be popping up on a semi-regular basis on Criminal Minds, it does leave the door open.

Moore is set to star in the reboot of S.W.A.T. It might be a single appearance but perhaps Criminal Minds hasn't quite closed the door on Derek Morgan just yet.

Morgan will return in episode 5 of season 13, airing on Wednesday, October 25.

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