NZ First to hold joint caucus/board meeting on Monday

New Zealand's'kingmaker extends election limbo

New Zealand's'kingmaker extends election limbo  12 Oct 2017- 8:50

Almost three weeks after New Zealand's general election, the country is waiting for an anonymous, unelected board of individuals belonging to a minor party to make a decision on who forms the next government.

The political uncertainty has pushed the New Zealand dollar down 2.9 percent against the US dollar since the vote. NZ First, which secured nine seats, is seen as the king-maker.

The Green party won 8 seats and leader James Shaw has repeatedly said his party have committed to supporting Labour.

Peters had said he would make a decision on which party he would throw his support behind by 12 October and talks with both parties concluded on Thursday night.

The stalling tactic is frustrating voters who have already waited weeks for a solid outcome to the election.

New Zealand First MPs are now in an all day meeting today.

The members will be flying in on Sunday and early Monday morning.

The New Zealand First board and caucus will meet on Monday to decide which party to form a Government with, and Winston Peters says an announcement will be made as soon as possible after that.

It convened a caucus on Friday, but the internal meetings were set to continue through Monday.

Asked if the meetings would take long, he said: "Well they're booked in for the night if we have to". The New Zealand dollar was last 0.07 percent lower at $0.7125.

Negotiations finished yesterday, but ministerial portfolios haven't been discussed.

NZ First's policies are more aligned with those of Labour - both favour curbing migration and foreign ownership, renegotiating certain trade deals and changes to the central bank's approach to monetary policy.

Time is of the essence, Mr Peters said.

"Obviously they [NZ First] have got to chew the fat amongst themselves and see which way they are going to go ... we respect that".

A National/NZ First government would have 65 seats, while a Labour/Greens/NZ First government would have 63 seats.

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