BioWare vet and Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw is leaving the company

Dragon Age's Mike Laidlaw Leaves BioWare

Mike Laidlaw Says Farewell To The Dragon Age Franchise, And BioWare, In Heartfelt Letter To Fans

Longtime BioWare employee Mike Laidlaw has left the company, he announced on Twitter today. He took on the role of lead designer on Dragon Age before becoming the creative director then senior creative director for the entire franchise.

After a long and creative career under the roof of Bioware, Mike Laidlaw has chose to retire from his job as a director/writer for the company and announced it a couple of hours ago through his personal account on Twitter. So after 14 years of hard work and a sack on his back with a lot of successful titles, Laidlaw has chose to step off the directing for BioWare and go back to what we all want to do at some point, play the game.

He had a significant run, contributing to everything from Jade Empire to Mass Effect as well as the three main Dragon Age games. In the above statement, Laidlaw says he plans to spend time "reconnecting with all the incredible games and worlds that [his] peers have created". When you spend so many hours a week at work, it can be incredibly challenging to find time for personal gaming time, let alone even having a life.

GamesBeat has reached out to BioWare's parent company, Electronic Arts, for comment. Your passion inspires and I look forward to our next adventure together.

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