Rishard Matthews says he'd quit National Football League if forced to stand for anthem

Matthews has since deleted the tweet in which he threatens to quit football

Matthews has since deleted the tweet in which he threatens to quit football

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews said he would be done playing football when asked on Twitter if he would accept a fine or penalty if the NFL instituted a new rule for the national anthem, then later deleted the tweet.

Earlier this week NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo to the league's owners with regards to player protests during the national anthem, with some interpreting the memo as a sign that the league would put into place a rule that would require all players to stand.

Matthews, the Titans' leading receiver, has remained in the locker room alone over the past two games while the rest of the team stood for the anthem. His half-brother, who was killed in Afghanistan, served 10 years in the Marines and his father served 21 years in the Marines. This was the first Sunday after Trump made his comments. "The players jointly decided this was the best course of action".

Matthews regularly refers to his deceased brother who served as a Marine in Iraq before ultimately working as a defensive contractor in Afghanistan in 2015 when he was killed

Tight end Delanie Walker said he received death threats after the Seahawks game after stating that fans who felt disrespected by athletes using their platform to protest don't have to come to games.

"I'm exhausted of hearing, 'Stick to sports.' It comes down to right and wrong in this world", Rishard Matthews told ESPN in September. "If you see wrong and don't say anything, that's wrong. You have that right, that freedom of speech, and you're not allowing that to happen".

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