Pokemon Go Pulls Tons of PokeStops to Fix a Major Glitch

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However, players have recently discovered that PokeStops are suddenly giving out less items, with no explanation from Niantic.

It looks like Pokemon Go is having a bit of trouble with its Pokestops.

Yesterday the game encountered a major Pokestop glitch. Despite the recent issue, it appears that the developer has a lot of things in store for players as revealed by Niantic Labs' CEO.

Attempting to fix the issue, Niantic restored a backup version of Pokemon Go's system, bringing back the item drop rates to their usual numbers. The only problem is, the backup version lacked the number of Pokestops the developer had added in the past few days.

Meanwhile, several fans are speculating that Niantic Labs must be up to something. One could theorize that Niantic has made a decision to lower the number of items earned per PokeStop to try to make players rely more on microtransactions, but such a move could alienate its fanbase. After all, Niantic is constantly making changes to Pokemon GO, and sometimes these frequent updates cause unforeseen issues with the game.

Hopefully, Pokemon Go will stop fiddling with its backend soon, so that players can get back to getting out and catching more Pokemon! This could be related to the recent statement shared by Niantic Labs' CEO John Hanke with the Taiwanese magazine Business Weekly. Aside from that Hanke also mentioned that the team has plans of working on social interactions of players in the game.

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