Red Flag Fire Conditions in Santa Barbara

Fire from a distant mountain is seen from Kenwood on Tuesday

Fire from a distant mountain is seen from Kenwood on Tuesday. Jeff Chiu — The Associated Press

THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN Los Angeles/Oxnard HAS ISSUED a Red Flag Warning FOR WIND AND LOW RELATIVE HUMIDITY.WHICH IS IN EFFECT from 8 PMThursday to 10 AM PDT Saturday. Although like everything else when it comes to predicting the weather, it's hard to tell whether increased risk will translate to actual fire, people in the affected area should take these warnings seriously.

Impacts.If fire ignition occurs, there will be the potential for rapid spread of wildfire and extreme fire behavior that would lead to a threat to life and property.

The red flag warning will remain in effect from 11 p.m. Wednesday to 5 p.m. October 12.

The warning is in effect for any area "above 1,000 feet in the San Francisco Bay Area" and at similar elevations in San Benito and Monterey counties.

As of this evening, areas under the warning include the North Bay Mountains, the East Bay Hills and Diablo Range, the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Santa Lucia Mountains, and the inland mountains in Monterey County.

"These winds will not be as strong as last Sunday night's winds".

Currently, 21 large fires are actively burning across California, notably the Tubbs and Atlas fires in Northern California's wine country.

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