Politico Source: President's Lawyers Open To Mueller Interviewing Trump

J. Scott Applewhite  AP

J. Scott Applewhite AP

"Whatever happens with regard to whether or not, or how, the special counsel might want to interview the president, there's no reason to expect that would be combative", they said.

If the special counsel doesn't ask to interview the president by Thanksgiving, Trump's lawyers may approach Mueller with offer, the official told the news outlet.

But now, Trump's lawyers are reportedly tinkering with the idea of having the president meet with Mueller in an attempt to speed up the investigation and to show "a wider posture of cooperation", Politico reported Thursday, citing a senior White House official. But even if he has nothing to hide, Trump's bombastic personality and tendency to exaggerate could pose problems for his legal team as it strategizes how to best navigate the interview.

"Totally false!", Trump lawyer John Dowd told Politico after it published the story.

That's what President Donald Trump tweeted in July after his son appeared on Fox News to explain why he set up a meeting with Russian lawyers at the family's NY business tower to obtain political dirt on Democrat Hillary Clinton.

A meeting with Mueller could bring serious risks for Trump-exposing him to questions about everything from potential obstruction of justice over his firing of FBI Director James Comey to what Trump might know about Kremlin support for his presidential campaign.

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