Zika case identified in Manatee County

Pinellas County officials examined this Aedes Aegypti mosquito in 2016 after someone in the county came down with Zika. This week Manatee County officials announced that a case of locally transmitted Zika was found after a couple returned home from Cuba

Zika case identified in Manatee County

A locally transmitted case of Zika has been confirmed in Manatee County, but the Department of Health says there is no evidence of ongoing, active transmission of Zika.

According to the Health Department, A couple traveled to Cuba. After investigating, officials found that a mosquito in Manatee County had bitten the infected person, which in turn bit the partner.

After the couple returned home, one partner fell ill to symptoms consistent with Zika virus infection, according to the health department. Based on the details revealed through an investigation, evidence sug-gests one partner acquired Zika while in Cuba.

There is no indication that there is an ongoing transmission of the Zika virus in the area.

The partner that acquired Zika in Cuba was not tested for Zika while they had symptoms. But a test performed this week showed evidence of a past Zika infection, linking the traveler's case to their recently symptomatic partner, who tested positive. Appropriate mosquito reduction efforts have been implemented and will continue. At Governor Scott's direction, all county health departments offer free Zika risk assessment and testing to pregnant women.

Though Zika sparked a public health crisis in Florida in 2016, with almost 1,500 infections statewide, including 300 local cases spread by mosquitoes, the virus has waned this year.

For those who have traveled to areas with Zika, precautions should be made to avoid mosquito bites for at least three weeks upon returning home, the health department said. It is also important to reduce the chance of sexual transmission by using condoms.

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