Twelfth straight quarter of weaker computer sales

HP back on top of global PC sales

Twelfth straight quarter of weaker computer sales

"Business PC demand, led by Windows 10 upgrades, continued to drive PC shipments across all regions, but its refresh schedule varies by region", she said.

Worldwide PC shipments reached 67 million units in the third quarter of 2017 - a 3.6 percent decline from the third quarter of 2016.

HP Inc saw growth in all key regions except in the United States market.

Other mature and emerging markets also struggled, with the exceptions of Japan, Canada and Latin America. In absolute numbers, the difference is 200,000 devices: 14.5 million for HP, 14.3 for Lenovo.

"HP was the only top vendor to manage a notable shipment increase with growth of 6 percent on the year", according to information released by IDC.

In second place, Lenovo moved 14.5 million machines to capture 21.6 percent of the market in 2017's third quarter, marking a year-over-year improvement of.1 percent.

Apple held the fourth spot with 4.9 million sales and a 7.3 percent share, a slight improvement on the 7.2 percent share it held for the third quarter of past year. The company had sold 4.6 million units during the quarter which is a decline from 4.8 million units in the same period in 2016, a overall market share decline to 6.9 percent from earlier 7.0 percent. Note that for Apple, the drop in sales (-5.6 per cent) was greater than the market average. During the same period previous year, the company shipped 4.9 million units and accounted for 7.3 percent of the market.

Lenovo experienced its steepest year-over-year decline of PC shipments in the U.S. since it acquired the IBM PC business division in 2005.

"The traditional PC market performed much as expected in the third quarter", said Loren Loverde, program vice president for worldwide PCD trackers, in a prepared statement. "We expect the DRAM shortage to continue to the end of 2018, but it will not be reflected in the final PC prices immediately".

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