Trademark suggests the Game Boy may be re-released

Target Starts to Restock SNES Classic

Nintendo Registered A "Classic Mini Game Boy" Trademark In Japan

As the new SNES Classic Edition continues to sell out almost instantaneously every time more units appears in stores or online, it seems like a no-brainer that Nintendo will continue to produce other retro consoles in the future. It started with the NES Classic Edition and followed with the SNES Classic Edition, and it's understood from patent documentation that Nintendo is working on a N64 Classic Edition as well.

A new trademark application filed by Nintendo has ignited rumours of an impending Game Boy launch.

But now Nintendo might be about to do the same for its handheld Game Boy brand, at least if a new trademark filing by the firm is any indication.

The trademark application was sent recently on September 15, 2017. It actually details several pieces of tie-in branded merchandise; wallets, bags, pouches, clothing, umbrellas, and so on. The tweet from the bot also notes that the filing covers programs and storage for "home video game machines" and "portable electronic game machines". We heard about the N64 Classic Edition in July this year, and it was a very compelling set of evidence that has us virtually certain it will appear sooner or just seems that it will be later.

It isn't clear if Nintendo plans to re-release it, but with the 30th anniversary of the original Game Boy's release coming up in 2019, such a move certainly isn't out of the question.

Combining elements of both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game & Watch, it was originally made available either as a stand-alone console, or as a bundle with now-iconic puzzle game Tetric.

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