"We were prisoners": Kansas teen forced into ISIS speaks

A girl from Kansas has found herself across the globe living in ISIS territory. But unlike 4,000 other civilians who are still trapped she recently escaped

"We were prisoners": Kansas teen forced into ISIS speaks

The young girl said that the father of her unborn child is dead.

"I'm from Kansas. I've been in Syria for five years", says the girl.

"My father, of course, didn't tell us that we were coming to Syria".

Between 300 and 400 Daesh group terrorists remain in their one-time Syrian bastion of Raqqa where Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), dominated by the PKK terrorist group, are fighting to seize full control, its US -led coalition backer said Thursday. "When it was time to get out of the vehicle, and cross the border, he was like 'you're going to Syria, ' and, yeah, it was a really big shock".

Since she's a minor, CBS News chose not to reveal her name.

"Hi Mom, if you see this video, please contact me", she said.

'There's a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse, they have steak there, ' she said.

'When you walk outside there's intestines on the street. There's a leg, ' she said.

"I still have hope, hope to go to school, hope to be a normal person, hope to be a mother to my child", she says.

As clashes continue in the Raqqa city center, SDF special units continue with operations to rescue civilians.

'The coalition would not be party to a negotiated settlement.

Between 300 and 400 militants are believed to be holed up in about 4 square kilometers of Raqqa, including in the city's stadium and a hospital, he said.

The SDF said on Sunday it expected Raqqa's capture to be announced within days.

On the edge of Raqqa, a group of women have just escaped ISIS territory.

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