Szechuan Sauce Returns After 'Rick and Morty' Fan Outrage

This resulted in disaster, as stores were in no way prepared for the demand for the Szeuchuan Sauce, resulting in stores running out nearly instantly and being met with hordes of angry fans.

But instead of slathering the sauce on a Big Mac or fries, Marie kept hers to see what she could get for it. Marie posted the sauce on Pin Nation, a Facebook group popular with festival goers and "Rick and Morty" fans where users can trade different pins and jewelry.

In fact, the site set up to ostensibly inform fans of which McDonald's franchises would have the sauce was actually a list of locations participating in an October 7 poster giveaway - users navigated a series of drop-down menus to see if their city hosted one. Very few McDonald's locations received the sauce and those that did reportedly only received 20 packets per store. Soon, #RickAndMorty and #SzechuanSauce were trending on Twitter. On eBay, packets of the sauce are going for hundreds of dollars, but he probably paid the highest price as a good condition Golf can probably fetch around $2,000 even without a clean title.

The Szechuan sauce was introduced in the market as a promotional tie-in during the 1998 release of Disney's Mulan. It was a one-day-only promotion but after fans took to social media to vent their frustrations, the fast food giant pledged to bring the dipping sauce back in larger quantities.

McDonald's apologized Sunday, emphasizing that the sauce was "super limited". One restaurant tried to pawn off Sriracha sauce.

The sauce for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets was released on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Rick & Morty recently wrapped its critically acclaimed third season, but the conversation around the show has been dominated by the chaos that was born out of a throwaway joke from the show's season 3 premiere. By episode's end, Rick declares his life's goal: He must score more of the sauce that ceased production so long ago.

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