Google Opinion Rewards Finally Comes to iOS

The Internet has no shortage of survey websites promising to pay users for their effort, and one of the most legitimate varieties of this is Google Opinion Rewards, Google's own survey platform. Download and start earning credits for your opinions. If you're an iOS user, Google is now giving you the ability to combine the two. The app has been in use by Android owners for a few years, but now it's the turn of Apple fans. Google pays users up to $1 per survey completed, making it a favorite among users looking to make some spending money. Covering everything from app usage to the TV shows you like, the surveys are varied and come from a range of companies that have asked Google to conduct research on their behalf. You'll need a PayPal account to sign up for the service, and it'll need to be linked to the app before you start earning. Not interested in answering a particular survey? Users can skip an offered survey whenever they'd like without penalty. Starting today, Google Opinion Rewards is available for iOS users as well. Once you have the app, you'll get a notification whenever we've got a survey ready for you. Now available for iOS is Google Opinion Rewards.

Head over to the App Store to grab your copy of the app.

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