, Inc. (AMZN) Courts Teen Shoppers With New Service, Inc. (AMZN) Courts Teen Shoppers With New Service, Inc. (AMZN) Courts Teen Shoppers With New Service

Amazon is targeting a new segment of shoppers - teenagers.

But fret not, kids aren't given carte blanche to buy what they want - parents are able to decide on an approval process.

Amazon is rolling out a service that lets parents and teens share an Amazon account. Once received, the parent confirms which payment method and shipping address will be used for teens' orders. This is a pretty good solution that should satisfy both teens and parents. Amazon got feedback from families and implemented this change.

The requests are sent via text or email, and include a message from the teen - for example: "please please buy this for me Mom!" - and parents can approve or reject it instantly.

Amazon in a statement Wednesday explained that if the parents are prime members, the teens can have individual access to most of the same benefits including movies, gaming through Twitch and free two-day shipping. The kid then receives an invite and they choose their own username and password.

Tied to the parent's account, the log-in allows teens to purchase items off and from Amazon services with their parents' credit card and Prime accounts.

Analysts say by essentially establishing an online allowance, Amazon has found a way to lure in the next generation of consumers.

The new Amazon accounts are for teens between the ages of 13 and 17.

Parents, don't fret: Your kid is in Prime hands.

For the time being, however, the feature is more about letting teens shop a bit more independently. "I think this is the direction a lot of these companies are going in just to help parents and teens stay more connected in a safe way".

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