Monkeypox: Reps summon Nigerian Health Minister, Adewole

Monkeypox: Reps summon Nigerian Health Minister, Adewole

Monkeypox: Reps summon Nigerian Health Minister, Adewole

"The House invites the minister of health to explain the alarming situation of how a country, as vast and resourced as Nigeria, will depend on a laboratory in Dakar, Senegal, to analyse samples at such a critical time of national health crisis".

Health officials in Nigeria have called for calm after dozens of suspected cases of monkeypox were reported in seven states across the south of the country.

At Tuesday's plenary, the House expressed shock at the increased rate at which the disease was spreading across the country.

The Minister of Health, Prof.

"The House is concerned by the shocking admission of Adewole that monkeypox could not be confirmed in Nigeria until laboratory investigations by World Health Organization and referral to Dakar, Senegal", the House motion read partly.

Charles Udoh, Akwa Ibom state commissioner for information and strategy, who confirmed the outbreak of the disease in the state, also said two other suspected cases are under investigation.

Monkeypox infection is a relatively rare disease that has previously been reported in Nigeria in the 1970s. Human-to-human transmission is also possible but the chances of catching it are slim.

The most common animal hosts are squirrels, rats and sometimes, monkeys.

The symptoms include aches, body pain and fever as well as a bumpy localised rash on the skin. In previous outbreaks, it has led to death in about 1-10% of infected cases.

'Also, health workers are advised to practice universal safety precautions in the management of suspected or confirmed cases, wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when attending to cases, wash hands after each contact with patient or contaminated materials while surveillance system must be strengthened.

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