Uber announces it is leaving Quebec

Uber announces it is leaving Quebec

Uber announces it is leaving Quebec

Uber has made a decision to pull out of Canada's Quebec province due to tough new regulations announced last week.

Uber's Quebec general manager, Jean-Nicolas Guillemette said the company would cease operations in Quebec on October 14.

He insisted the reason is that the government never worked with the auto hailing service and he's not happy with the imposed regulations on drivers.

The final straw for Uber, which has been negotiating with the Quebec government for months in an effort to co-exist with the taxi industry, reportedly was a government demand that its drivers submit to a 35-hour training program already imposed on taxi drivers.

Uber, which had called the new rules "challenging", said they threatened the company's ability to continue offering its services to Quebecers. The multinational reportedly feels such a program is incompatible with its business model, which relies on part-time drivers who would presumably not be ready to undertake the course.

The company is opposed to the new rules that would see the number of training hours for drivers increased to 35 from 20 hours now in place and subjecting drivers to background checks by police instead of private security firms.

Guillemette said the number of hours worked by an estimated 10,000 Uber drivers in Quebec previous year were equivalent to 3,000 full-time jobs in the province.

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