Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Could Be Released This October

Credit By Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo Japan, via Wikimedia Commons

CloseCredit By Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo Japan, via Wikimedia Commons

Lucasfilm and Disney today launched the debut episode of "Science and Star Wars", a new digital series exclusively on the Star Wars Facebook page that explores the science of the Star Wars universe; just how close real-world scientists are coming to emulate the technology; and the role of the franchise in inspiring some of science's greatest innovations. So far we've seen the teaser trailer which honestly did nothing to sate our curiosity, but a full trailer might not be too far off. The cryptic words of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker - Mark Hamill himself - point to it being dropped on October 9, 2017 during Monday Night Football.

Hamill tweeted that you might want to watch that night's game "for no reason in particular" but subsequently deleted the tweet. It's The Last Jedi following the marketing template of The Force Awakens to a tee (teaser at Celebration in April, behind-the-scenes in July, full trailer in October), so there's cause to get excited even if Hamill was just kidding around, because a new look at the movie is nearly certainly coming next month. It is entirely possible that Hamill might have been trolling us with that earlier tweet, although it would be rather mean of him to do so. Either way try not to get your hopes up, but hopefully this proves to be true.

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