Hamas tunnel collapses in Gaza, third death in days

Hamas militant reportedly killed in Gaza tunnel collapse

A step towards Palestinian unity?

It was the third incident of its kind in the Gaza Strip this week; two other Hamas militants died in the two prior collapses.

A Hamas militant died yesterday in a military tunnel collapse in Rafah, on the border between Gaza and Egypt, local sources said.

Shalouf "met his maker as a martyr while working on a tunnel belonging to the resistance", the statement said, referring to Hamas.

He said he expects that Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah will travel to Gaza in the coming few days and that he will be treated with respect and full cooperation from Hamas, which has been ruling the Gaza Strip since its 2007 coup against the Palestinian Authority.

It did not give details of the locations or causes of the collapses, but confirmed the two men were members of Hamas's armed wing.

Hamas has run Gaza for a decade and fought three wars with Israel.

The Islamist movement has built a network of tunnels inside Gaza, as well as some that have crossed under the Israeli border.

Hamas' underground activities are closely followed by Israel in fear that the underground connecting tunnels could be used for a surprise rear attack.

Several dozen Hamas members have died in tunnel collapses in the past year.

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