Tillerson Says US Is Weighing Closure of Embassy in Havana

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Tillerson Says US Is Weighing Closure of Embassy in Havana

The Trump administration is thinking about shutting down the recently reopened USA embassy in Havana, a move that would further cool the long-awaited Cuban thaw, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday. "It's a very serious issue with respect to the harm that certain individuals have suffered".

The State Department said in August that Americans linked to the US embassy in Havana had experienced physical symptoms from "incidents" involving sound waves.

Dickerson asked Tillerson about a letter sent by five Republicans senators asking the State Department to expel Cuban diplomats stationed in the US and to consider shutting down the Havana embassy, which President Obama re-opened in August 2015 after being closed for 54 years.

The State Department has called the attacks "unprecedented" and has warned Havana it is responsible for the safety of envoys working on its soil - without saying who it believes was behind them.

USA officials have told reporters they believe some kind of sonic device was used to covertly undermine the health of staff members at the mission, who began reporting sick a year ago. Five Canadians were also affected.

The American Foreign Service Association - the labor union representing United States diplomatic and global aid personnel - spoke to 10 of those who received treatment and said their diagnoses included mild traumatic brain injury and permanent hearing loss.

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