Trump Vows America Will Help Israel Push Back Iran

Trump will reportedly meet privately with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week when the two attend the opening of the UN General Assembly. "An [Iranian] military presence endangers not just us, but also our Arab neighbors".

A suspicious powder mailed in a letter threatening the Israeli prime minister forced the lockdown of the consular office in NY, police sources said.

On Friday evening, the prime minister hosted Shabbat dinner for invited guests at the hotel.

Netanyahu is preparing for his crucial meeting with Trump, where he is expected to suggest that the Iranian nuclear deal be nullified or at least have significant changes applied.

Netanyahu is not planning to simply warn of the dangers, but rather present a program that will prevent Iran from turning into a nuclear power. Trump will address the General Assembly on Tuesday as well. On Tuesday he told reporters the Iranians "have a terror machine ... operating terror cells in many continents", adding that Tehran's "quest for nuclear weapons" is a major concern, one that should worry "the entire global community". The Israeli leader will also address the GA on Tuesday, with Iranian encroachment along Israel's northern borders a central issue on his agenda.

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