Amber Tamblyn Is Putting Hollywood's History of Harassment on Blast

Amber Tamblyn Is Putting Hollywood's History of Harassment on Blast

Amber Tamblyn Is Putting Hollywood's History of Harassment on Blast

Amber Tamblyn is "done with not being believed". "What I have experienced as an actress working in a business whose business is to objectify women is frightening", Tamblyn wrote in her op-ed.

According to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants alum, a male crew member had been making her feel "unsafe" at the time - "showing up to [her] apartment after work unannounced, going into [her] trailer while [she] wasn't in it, and staring daggers at [her] from across the set".

She starts the editorial with an emotional anecdote of a TV producer who listens to her difficult-to-recount story of being harassed by a crew member, with the producer concluding, "Well, there are two sides to every story".

She tweeted that it was "less about what just happened with Woods and more about Woods Culture and how we can end it".

For women in America who come forward with stories of harassment, abuse and sexual assault, there are not two sides to every story, however noble that principle might seem. "Women do not get to have a side".

"In an instant, I was reminded of a memory from when I was 16", Tamblyn wrote of this situation.

Last week, Amber Tamblyn rattled James Woods on social media after he commented on the age-gap between two romantic partners in the upcoming film Call Me By Your Name.

Woods denied Tamblyn's allegations, calling it "a lie" and forcing Tamblyn to post a text message from her friend recalling the story as proof. In response, Armie Hammer, who plays the older man in the film, called Woods out for dating a 19-year-old when Woods was 60.

She added, "Mr. Woods' accusation that I was lying sent me back to that day in that producer's office, and back to all the days I've spent in the offices of men; of feeling unsure, uneasy, questioned and disbelieved, no matter the conversation".

Read Tamblyn's full op-ed in Sunday's New York Times.

In her NYT piece, she questioned what Woods thought she'd have to gain by sharing her story.

Along with the screenshot, Amber tweeted, "Since I know people love to question the integrity and honesty of women when they come forward with stories like this, here you go".

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