Koala survives 16km ordeal riding 4WD's axle

The koala was discovered inside the wheel arch of an Adelaide driver's car

Koala survives 16km ordeal riding 4WD's axle

After several days recovery Ms Brister was able to release the koala back into the wild close to where her original journey began.

We love a heartwarming animal rescue story here and this one definitely has us welling up.

The koala was dubbed Kelli, the name of one of the firefighters who came to her rescue.

She climbed into the vehicle in Adelaide, Australia.

Earlier in the month a driver realised they had a passenger on the wheel well of their vehicle after driving 16 kilometres through the Adelaide hills.

The Metropolitan Fire Service responded and had to remove the 4WD's wheel as it was a new auto and the driver could not find the wheel lock.

The fire brigade was eventually called to take the wheel off in order to help a wildlife rescue worker free the animal.

"I could smell her burned fur".

Sweet mother of all that is divine, hold us.

After a few days rest Kelli began to show signs she was feeling better and Ms Brister released her back into the wild Friday.

It was while rushing the koala to the vet that Ms Brister found a sad element to the story. "And it's absolutely incredible that", Jane Brister, from Fauna Rescue SA, said following the discovery of the koala.

'She was wedged in very, very tight so I got underneath auto with a head torch and all I could see was a furry lump amoungst the axle, ' Ms Brister told Daily Mail Australia.

Koalas are endangered in Australia, the marsupials are becoming more and more endangered by habitat destruction caused by urban spread and agricultural practices.

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