Trump says he hopes FL Gov. Scott runs for Senate

Trump thanks Florida first responders for Irma work

Trump thanks Florida first responders for Irma work

Each time the nursing home was cited for issues related to its backup power capabilities, administrators said they would correct the problems, according to STAT. "Our staff continually checked on our residents' well-being-our most important concern-to ensure they were hydrated and as comfortable as possible". Outreach was made to local emergency officials and first responders, Carballo said, without specifying when.

An estimated 150 facilities out of the almost 700 in the state are now without full power services, the association said. Police officials said other patients were in critical care.

Elsewhere, a South Florida townhouse that weathered the storm was gutted by fire when power was restored, which caused the stove to ignite items left on the cooktop.

It is thought the resents may have died after a loss of air conditioning during the power outage. They unfortunately did not answer them after several calls.

A caseworker named Ed, who declined to give his last name, came to the facility Wednesday to check on his 80-year-old dementia patient.

"The staff has never been in any way disrespectful to me or my mom", he told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is not part of the Memorial Healthcare System. Three more were found dead on the second floor of the facility after rescue units were called in.

Police were first called to the facility at about 4:30 a.m. but authorities did not arrive until after 6 a.m., officials said.

North Carolina officials announced Friday that one person has died in the state as a result of Hurricane Irma.

Florida's fits and starts toward post-Irma recovery have shifted to urgent efforts to protect its vulnerable elderly residents after a string of nursing home deaths.

There, Mr Trump met residents and handed out food and water.

The 152-bed facility located in Hollywood, Florida, has two transformers supplying power to the nursing home. Today, five nursing home patients in Hollywood succumbed to the Florida heat and died early this morning. They called 911. They said there's no air conditioning.

"We're looking into the temperature inside the facility, the staffing inside the facility, and all the conditions inside the facility in the hours leading up to this situation", Hollywood city spokeswoman Raelin Storey told a news conference on Thursday.

More than half of a large retirement community in Pembroke Pines, Florida, still had no electricity by Wednesday afternoon, leaving elderly residents stuck in rooms with no access to lifts.

"Evacuating 133 people is quite an undertaking", said a police department spokesperson.

A total of 133 patients were evacuated, 118 were medical patients at the Rehabilitation Center and 18 were patients at the center's behavioral wing.

He said most of the patients admitted to the hospital have been treated for respiratory distress, dehydration and heat-related issues. Randy Katz, medical director of emergency services.

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