Qualcomm's innuendo to Apple's Event gone horribly wrong

Additionally, water-resistance in iPhones was only introduced a year ago when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were unveiled, but the impressive thing about Samsung's mid-ranged A-series of smartphones is that even they are water-resistant.

Apple's iPad and iPhone manufacturing partners including Compal Electronics, Foxconn Technology Group, Pegatron Crop. and Wistron Corp. have joined Apple in the fight against Qualcomm.

Qualcomm is definitely correct, as certain Android smartphones have introduced new technologies with its help in the past and have later been used on iPhones. So the timing of this adulation for Android - one day before Apple's big September event - doesn't really strike me as coincidental. The Note 8 is a stunning phone and Note lovers are sure to appreciate the S Pen functionality, dual camera performance, and more.

But if you want Gigabit LTE now, Qualcomm suggests getting a Samsung Galaxy S8. The HTC One M7 had the first dual camera system on a smartphone, according to Qualcomm - but that phone definitely had one lens only.

Qualcomm says its list "is by no means exhaustive", and some of the picks do seem a little sloppy and ill-informed. That said, Qualcomm never outright mentions Apple, but the whole thing still seems kind of suspicious. It was also kind enough to provide a column-style chart: On the left is a list of innovations such as augmented reality or water-resistant touchscreens, while on the right is a list of devices that debuted such features. Qualcomm has also tested under-display fingerprint scanner and depth sensing through structured light on the company's reference design handset.

It's hard to dispute the general point that Qualcomm is making here, though. But Apple's response is always that it doesn't aim to be first and that it only ships features when they're up to the company's standards.

Though Qualcomm's post doesn't mention Apple by name, the company suggests it can take credit for some the features in the iPhone.

"Here's to the next generation of mobile device startups and innovators, competing to bring you the next wave of class-leading Android devices". As before, they'll continue to pave the way for others to come. They still manage to deliver a tough competition to the rest of the market.

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