McLaren, Honda agree to end partnership in Formula 1

Fernando Alonso set to sign new contract with McLaren as team agrees engines deal with Renault

The fresh hell facing Alonso's future

Fernando Alonso is set to return to Formula One in the 2018 season, and he is set to do so with McLaren. It looked, for example, like a sound plan to sign with McLaren for 2007, and it appeared that way, too - after five years with middling Ferraris - to go back there in 2015, when McLaren was again to be with Honda, perhaps reviving the glory years of the partnership. "But I can't see why McLaren will be any happier with Renault than they are with Honda".

However, Ecclestone is not sure McLaren's switch from struggling Honda power to customer Renault engines will be a silver bullet for the once-great British team.

Sources close to the deal have confirmed to Autosport that Toro Rosso has agreed a three-year deal from 2018 with Honda, taking it to the end of the current F1 engine regulations cycle at the end of 2020.

"The Renault deal is all done", Ecclestone said.

Those 102 starts resulted in a total of 114 points, the bulk (76) coming in the second season, while even the maiden season saw the Woking outfit score 27 points, whereas it now has just 11.

Alonso, like Chris Amon in a previous era, has traditionally made poor decisions when changing teams - even if, at the time, there seemed good reasons for them.

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