Pennywise Actor Reveals the Origins of His Creepy Smile From 'IT'

Bill Skarsgård Did Not Have To Try Too Hard To Be Creepy As Pennywise In 'It'

Watch: Bill Skarsgard explains how Pennywise's creepy smile in It came to be

The actor, who plays the monstrous Pennywise clown in It, showed Conan O'Brien on Tuesday night that he doesn't need all that makeup to look terrifying.

And, like every great older brother on the planet, used it to torment the younger ones in the pack. Which means Skarsgard has scarred more people for life than just his It audience.

While appearing on Conan, Skarsgard said he discovered the ability to make the creepy smile runs in the family after his brother and fellow actor Gustaf Skarsgard was able to do it. "For some reason - I don't know how - I understood that I could do it as well".

As it turns out, Skarsgård actually came to the audition prepared to bring the clown to life. But honestly, would expect nothing less from an older brother. He then created this persona called Juergen, and would pull the shirts over his head so only his face was visible and would chase his little brother around the house.

Director Andy Muschietti explained what it was about Skarsgard's performance that made him such a flawless fit.

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