Premier Kathleen Wynne testifies at bribery trial

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Premier Kathleen Wynne testifies at bribery trial

On trial for bribery - for allegedly offering inducements to Olivier to bow out of the 2015 byelection race in favour of Premier Kathleen Wynne's preferred candidate, and eventual victor, Glenn Thibeault - are prominent local Liberal Gerry Lougheed Jr. and the former CEO of the Ontario Liberal Party, Patricia Sorbara.

Wynne's former deputy chief of staff Pat Sorbara and former Liberal Party organizer Gerry Lougheed are facing bribery charges.

Former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier made the allegations after taping conversations with Lougheed and Sorbara, in which he claims to have been enticed to step aside to make room for Glenn Thibeault, who left his job as federal NDP MP to run for the Ontario Liberals.

Thibeault has previously denied he sought anything that would be seen as a bribe in exchange for running and is not charged with any offences.

Both Sorbara and Lougheed have pleaded not guilty.

In her testimony Wednesday, Wynne has agreed that the idea was to let Olivier down easy and keep him in the Liberal fold considering he lost in the 2014 election, .

Wynne called Olivier in between those two conversations, but he has testified that technical difficulties prevented him from recording that call.

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