Uzbekistan to send humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees

Uzbekistan to send humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees

Uzbekistan to send humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees

Hasina Tuesday said that being the neighbour Bangladesh would extend cooperation whatever Naypyidaw needed "but they will have to first stop inhuman attitude towards these people in Rakhaine and provide them security". So we are doing everything in our power to help them.

Last October, following attacks on border posts in Rakhine's Maungdaw district, security forces launched a five-month crackdown in which, according to Rohingya groups, around 400 people were killed.

"I note that Myanmar is not a signatory to the mine ban treaty but it would be a gross breach of worldwide law".

"The savage treatment meted out to our Muslim brothers...shall not pass without punishment", the Islamist outfit was quoted as saying by Reuters. Azhar, the chief of Jaish-e-Muhammad, penned in support of Rohingyas on Monday, saying "their sacrifice should make the Muslim ummah (community) rise against our enemies".

The protesters asked Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to play her role as Myanmar's de-facto leader to take concrete action to protect the people in Rakhine state. The main criticism of Suu Kyi is that she has been reticent and even unwilling to speak out on the plight of the Rohingya.

"The first reason (Suu Kyi can not attend) is because of the Rakhine terrorist attacks", he said.

"Suu Kyi may not have the same zeal she had when she was incarcerated for speaking out against the military junta, but staying silent is never an ideal position from a powerful leader and sitting on the fence is not an option". "Perhaps she's got more pressing matters here to deal with", she added. She also distributed aid among the refugees, the Daily Star newspaper reported.

The White House comments followed a statement from the United Nations high commissioner for human rights who called the treatment of the Rohingya "a textbook case of ethnic cleansing".

Permanent Representative of India to United Nations in Geneva Rajiv K Chander said: "We are perplexed at some of the observations made by the High Commissioner in his oral update. Enforcing the laws should not be mistaken for lack of compassion", he said.

Accounts from refugees crossing the border into Bangladesh have mainly detailed violence such as shooting by soldiers and the burning of villages.

"We demand that the Norwegian Nobel institute revoke the Nobel Prize awarded to Suu Kyi, and if it can not happen, please join the humanitarian sentiments in all parts of the world by openly censuring her for her lead in the perpetuation of violence against Rohingya Muslims", the letter said.

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