Hurricane Jose to turn a half-loop in Atlantic

National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center

Irma has now been the subject of more than 80 advisories from the hurricane center, with the first dating back to August 30, when it was a tropical storm with sustained wind speeds of 50 miles per hour.

At its peak the storm prompted evacuation orders for 6.5 million people in Florida, the largest evacuation in modern United States history.

More substantial structures, like churches and businesses, showed less damage, although access to harder-hit islands remained closed.

"He was lodged between two beams and had a little bit of debris on top of him", Clem said. In total, at least 39 people have lost their lives in the hurricane.

- President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will visit Florida Thursday to survey damage from Hurricane Irma.

Carbon monoxide expelled by generators has killed one man in SC and sent two people to the hospital in Florida.

Millions of people were still without power in Florida.

Currently Jose has 75 miles per hour sustained winds, making it a Category 1 storm.

Parts of North and SC were bracing for flash flooding, with areas in Alabama also still vulnerable, according to the Weather Prediction Center.

In the meantime, the hurricane center continues monitoring Jose's progression and intensity, while Hispaniola, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands brace for rough surf and rip currents over the next few days.

On Monday, an aerial view of devastation - the splintered homes and wind-tossed boats - was only matched by the scene on the ground.

Although frustrated Floridians are anxious to return home, officials are still enforcing an access ban in the Lower Keys as they evaluate the infrastructure, the roadways, health hazards and other safety measures.

Residents like Mike, a Marine reserve who was helping Houston recover from Harvey's floods, came back to find destruction at his home. "It might be another two weeks, so now that we're here we can actually start to take care of the problem and rebuild and clean up and go from there".

"I don't think people who have lived here a long time have ever seen flooding this bad", Gillen said.

One man in SC was killed by a falling tree limb and another died in a traffic accident, officials said. "This is probably a weeklong event".

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