83-year-old pushes suspect off roof, ends police standoff

Wilford Burgess is seen speaking to KTLA on Sept. 13 2017

Wilford Burgess is seen speaking to KTLA on Sept. 13 2017

The roof-jumping went on for several hours as police even brought in a crisis negotiator to try convincing him to come down, officials said.

Wilford Burgess, of La Puente, said he got "tired of" of the suspect's games and decided it was time for him to come down. Tim Murakami of the Industry sheriff's station said the standoff ended when 83-year-old homeowner Wilford Burgess "got exhausted of his games and pushed him off".

Burgess' granddaughter, Ashley Wrenn, recorded the incident on her cell phone.

In a video of the incident, Burgess is seen pushing and shoving the man and giving him a few "choice words" before the man is launched off the front of the roof and slams onto the hood of Burgess' auto. "That's papa", she said, laughing. I said, 'He's on my roof?

'My grandfather was so upset. "(He) told him, 'You need to get down and off my roof, '" Wrenn said in a telephone interview.

Or, as police told the Mercury News, the resident "escorted" the suspect off the roof.

At one point, she said a neighbor's younger brother threatened the man, warning him about jumping down on to his property. When he landed he damaged Wrenn's mother's auto, she said.

Burgess cornered the man on the roof and threw him off.

After the big push, the suspect was taken into custody and admitted to a hospital for a mental evaluation, authorities told the news station.

Once he landed on the ground, she said the man damaged her mother's vehicle. She said she isn't surprised her elderly grandfather did what he did.

"I told him we don't want him hurt, just want him off the roof", she said.

The man ended up on a roof in the 14100 block of Beckner Street.

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