Ryan says Trump made right call on immigrants

Politics make fate of DACA unclear

Democrats 'Confounded' They Can't Hurt President Donald Trump with Constant Attacks

House Speaker Paul Ryan is scheduled to meet with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats on Wednesday to discuss alternative legislative options to the DACA phase out to avoid the deportation of the young beneficiaries of the program in line with President Donald Trump's request, Politico reports.

Still, Trump declared, "The rich will not be gaining at all with this plan".

Manchin says he does not expect the plan would target popular tax deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving.

Ryan said Wednesday that after the tax draft is released the week of September 25 a detailed version will be readied in hopes of action by the House later this fall.

Objections also threaten from the GOP's seemingly shrinking ranks of deficit hawks if Ryan, Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell do try to move forward with a tax plan that could cost hundreds of billions of dollars, without paying for it with cuts in federal spending or some new sources of revenue. Sen. Trump has promised the biggest tax cut in US history.

On another major topic, Ryan said that immigration legislation Congress will be working on "will have to include security measures". Opponents of the budget plan say they went along with GOP leaders' pleas this year that they had to pass a bare-bones budget to pave the way for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. "The president is all in on this, and not just tax cuts, because that gives us a temporary stimulus, but redesigning the code so we can compete and win anywhere in the world".

Trump tells reporters during a meeting with moderate lawmakers from both parties at the White House Wednesday that he's still pushing for a 15 percent rate for businesses and would like to see a rate "much lower than that for individuals". The goal, which Ryan reiterated Wednesday, is to send Trump a bill to sign before year's end.

Ryan said he is confident that President Donald Trump will push for "conservative" tax reform, despite Trump's recent overtures to Democrats on a range of issues.

After Schumer and Pelosi had dinner at the White House Wednesday night, they said they had reached agreement with Trump to protect the DACA immigrants and fund some border security enhancements - not including Trump's long-sought border wall.

Trump had dinner Tuesday with a group of Republican and Democratic senators to talk taxes.

"We intend to pursue a permanent tax reform plan that abides by the reconciliation rules", Strong said in an email.

Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., was among those who said he is not willing to vote for a budget that could lead to another failure, this time on tax reform.

Associated Press writers Alan Fram, Richard Lardner, Stephen Ohlemacher and Catherine Lucey contributed.

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