Russian, German leaders condemn North Korea's ignoring of United Nations resolutions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin | John MacDougall  AFP via Getty Images

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin | John MacDougall AFP via Getty Images

"But to achieve such a solution, the pressure on North Korea must be increased".

Merkel told Putin she supported efforts of the U.N. Security Council to rapidly adopt further sanctions against North Korea to make Pyongyang change its course, he added. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened a missile attack on the USA territory of Guam and even the US mainland - prompting warnings of retaliation, in the form of economic sanctions and possible military action, from Trump and other USA officials.

"We call on Korea to abandon its nuclear programs, it's missile programs, and to refrain from more testing, because this is a blatant violation of several United Nations security resolutions and it's a threat to worldwide peace and stability". Last Sunday, North Korea said it tested its largest hydrogen bomb to date.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to intervene directly in a diplomatic initiative to end the nuclear and missile program of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), a German newspaper reported Sunday.

"If our participation in talks is desired, I will immediately say yes", Merkel told Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in a recent interview, Reuters reported.

The German Chancellor drew attention to the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, in which Germany had participated alongside the five veto-voters in the UN Security Council.

"I could imagine such a format being used to end the North Korea conflict", she said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, seeking a fourth term in office in elections on Sept 24, has moved to highlight her worldwide status by calling for a new round of negotiations with North Korea - including Germany. "Europe and especially Germany should be prepared to play a very active part in that".

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