Apple Watch 3 battery info means you'll be charging more often

Apple wants to test its new wearable as a cardiac screening device as CEO Tim Cook hints at a larger presence in healthcare

Apple wants to test its new wearable as a cardiac screening device as CEO Tim Cook hints at a larger presence in healthcare

It's clear that these improvements have increased sales, and made the Apple Watch more attractive. Users in selected nations will be allowed to pre-order the new Watch beginning September 15. While I would wager that nearly every Rolex owner has an Apple Watch, a fraction of the Apple Watch owners have a Rolex.

Also new is a choice of new bands to go with the new models.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 3 stays the same, with no noticeable difference to the Series 2 now available, aside from a red dot on the digital crown.

The third generation Apple smartwatch, the Apple Watch 3, is now official.

Inside the new Apple Watch, there's a new dual-core processor, which Apple claims is 70 per cent faster than the CPU inside the Apple Watch 2, and which will enable Siri to talk back to wearers for the first time, too.

While developers had access to beta versions of the new software since WWDC, Apple didn't make it part of the public beta program. From all outward appearances, the Series 3 without a cellular connection is identical to the Series 2.

After retail stores Apple CEO Tim Cook moved to the new Apple Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 3 also features a barometric altimeter that assists with tracking activity, flights of stairs climbed and outdoor workouts, including elevation gain. Not only can it display your heart rate as a complication on the watch face, it can warn you of an alarmingly high heart rate or the onset of atrial fibrillation (which we already knew it could do in theory, see "Apple Watch Can Detect Abnormal Heart Rhythms", 12 May 2017). It instead worked on making charging the watch as painless as possible so you wouldn't mind it.

Series 1 will also be available at a "new starting price of A$359", which clearly makes Apple Watch ownership "more affordable than ever". Siri will also be able to give directions, answer that nagging Who's The Boss trivia question that has been driving you nuts or to set an alarm to wake you from an afternoon siesta.

And things could be about to get even better for this wearable tech with the launch of the all-new Apple Watch Series 3. Plus, if you need to get a hold of someone in case of an emergency and you don't have your smartphone, you can reach out with the watch itself.

The new watchOS4 will also include new faces for your daily routine.

But you won't just be paying for that cellular radio. According to an estimate by Canalys, Apple sold 11.9 million watches in 2016. "Series 3 watch at 18 hours) and a narrow advantage in price ($299 vs. $329)", analyst Jim Duffy wrote in a note to clients.

The Series 3 comes in the same sizes as previous watches.

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