Fire Emblem Warriors introduces Lyn to the playable cast

Nintendo has made a surprising announcement for Fire Emblem Warriors at today's Nintendo Direct. Instead of tactical turn-based combat, players will take on thousands of enemies in large battles, similar to the gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series. If you haven't been impressed by the characters shown in the existing Fire Emblem Warriors footage, you might be glad to hear that Lyn (from Fire Emblem on the Gameboy Advance) will also be making an appearance.

In addition to the standard edition of the game, there's going to be a premium version for the Nintendo Switch which costs $80. Lyn marks the first character featured in the game that isn't from the cast of the main three games already announced.

Koei Tecmo is also planning to make new reveals for Fire Emblem Warriors daily at Tokyo Game Show 2017 on September 21-24, so we are also wondering which characters they are going to announce at the show.

Only one significant announcement was made for Fire Emblem Warriors during today's Nintendo Direct, but what an announcement it was, as it was revealed that fan favorite lord and Lady of Sacae Lyn will be a part of the game's roster come October 20th.

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