Kirby Battle Royale floats onto New Nintendo 3DS in 2018

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Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition Assembles Today

The gargantuan hit Minecraft is coming to just about the only system that doesn't have it already, Nintendo 3DS. Set to release in digital version on 9/13, Minecraft 3DS was revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo says the game will be available for purchase and download immediately following today's presentation. Unfortunately, it looks like the older versions of the hardware just aren't powerful enough to run the game. We don't know how much Nintendo and Microsoft, which owns the Minecraft property, plan on charging for the handheld version of the game.

One nifty feature about Minecraft being on the New 3DS is that it places your inventory on the bottom screen, which you can arrange using touch controls if buttons aren't your jam. Well, you will be able to play with three other friends.

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