Listen to the Star Trek: Discovery theme song

Listen to the Star Trek: Discovery theme song

Listen to the Star Trek: Discovery theme song

The video shows Russo composing the theme with a full orchestra and features Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman explaining how the iconic theme from the Original Series inspired Discovery's intro.

One of the most iconic things about Star Trek, in all its incarnations, has always been its unbelievable theme music.

A memorable title theme can make or break a TV series, drawing viewers into the rich worlds of fantasy, science-fiction, or crime dramas. Notably, it is also a return to a orchestral score rather than the reviled choice of a pop-ballad for the theme of 2001's Star Trek: Enterprise.

CBS is wetting the whistles of Star Trek fans by revealing Star Trek: Discovery's new theme music, which contains several references to the famous opening theme of Star Trek: The Original Series. But Game of Thrones may be the last vestiges of the traditional theme song. The theme cheats a little by appealing to nostalgia in the beginning and definitely the end, but I like where it goes once it starts being its own thing and greatly appreciate that they went with slow and wondrous rather than propulsive and action-heavy, which is honestly how the show is looking so far.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sunday, September 24 at 8:30 p.m ET/PT on CBS with the following fourteen episodes coming exclusively on the CBS All Access streaming service weekly.

Fans have already been waiting almost a decade for Star Trek to return to the small screen, its place of origin.

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