Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

If the LTE factor is covered and some of the other cosmetic changes, like the red button instead of a silver one and the new fashionable straps are taken into account, the new Apple Watch Series 3 is nearly the same as its predecessor. Instead, the carriers offering the new watch are those that agreed to upgrade their networks to support the technology first.

Apple TV will also support AirPlay 2 from later this year, allowing the device to control multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers to create "the ultimate home music experience".

Apple has introduced the new Apple TV 4K created to deliver a stunning cinematic experience at home.

Three new iPhone handsets may have been the focus, butApple Watch users have been given new powers to free themselves from their phones at Apple's live event.

As expected, all models of the Series 3 do Global Positioning System, but LTE is an addition.

"I believe this kind of capability is what wearables were always meant to do, and that is to detect maladies before they impact people", Moor said.

Apple didn't announce any iPad news during its press event, but it did quietly raise prices on 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models with at least 256 GB of storage.

"We dedicated this theater to Steve because we loved him and because he loved days like this", Cook said.

Cellular connectivity is the highlight features in this watch. Compared to its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 3 features a 70 percent faster dual core processor and barometric altimeter.

There are two versions of Apple Watch Series 3 to choose from, one with cellular connectivity which costs $399, and a version without it retailing for $329.

The Apple Watch Series 3 looks, acts, and feels nearly exactly the same as the Series 2 with a key difference-LTE wireless connectivity, whether your iPhone is nearby or not.

The Apple Watch Series 3 includes some of the standard features available on most current fitness trackers out there at the moment, including tracking activity, flights climbed and outdoor workouts.

All-day battery life is based on 18 hours with the following use: 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth, over the course of 18 hours. Stray too far from that phone, and you lose access to things like messages, Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), Instagram, Uber and Lyft because all that information is crunched on your phone and fed to the watch. Apple Watch Series 3's pricing starts at Rs 29,900 in India.

Whilst Samsung fans have enjoyed mobile connectivity on the company's Gear S2 and S3 smartwatches (along with Huawei Watch and LG Watch Sport owners) already, this is the first time the functionality has made it onto one of Apple's wearables.

Most significant was the announcement of enhanced heart rate monitoring and alerting software now built into the latest third generation Apple watches. The cellular version comes in gold, silver or space grey aluminium, or silver or space black stainless steel paired with a variety of bands.

Manufacturers will start the pre-orders of the watch from September 15th.

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