Hasina accuses Myanmar of committing atrocities on Rohingyas

Hasina accuses Myanmar of committing atrocities on Rohingyas

Hasina accuses Myanmar of committing atrocities on Rohingyas

Khamenei called Myanmar's State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize victor, a "cruel woman" since the crimes against Rohingya Muslims are taking place under her eyes, Tehran Times daily reported.

Many of the Rohingya who flooded into refugee camps in Bangladesh told of Myanmar soldiers shooting indiscriminately, burning their homes and warning them to leave or die. There are circumstances. The second reason is, there are people inciting riots in some areas.

Some 370,000 Rohingyas have crossed the border to Bangladesh since the situation escalated last month.

The Trump administration has called for protection of civilians, and Bangladesh says all of the refugees will have to go home and it has called for safe zones in Burma to enable them to do so.

Suu Kyi has been the subject of global opprobrium over her handling of the Rohingya minority in her country and her failure to speak out forcefully against the violence directed toward them. "The Rohingya fleeing Myanmar are now stateless refugees, making them even more vulnerable and adding more challenges to the search for solutions", UNHCR added. "We are scaling up as fast as we can, but we need worldwide assistance to help these people".

The council was scheduled to hold closed-door consultations on the Myanmar crisis later Wednesday, but diplomats said they expect China and Russian Federation, which support Myanmar's government, to resist a strong response from the U.N.'s most powerful body. Critics say Suu Kyi, who is also a Nobel laureate, should be stripped of her prize for failing to do more to end the strife.

Referring to the huge influx of Rohingyas into Bangladesh, the eminent personalities in the letter said human misery created by such massive displacement of men, women and children under the threat of death is getting worse every day.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pledged to help the new arrivals, but demanded that Myanmar "take their nationals back". The diplomats "will visit camps, talk to them, see their condition".

Abdul Allie‚ Deputy President of the Muslim Judicial Council‚ said‚ "We are grateful for the response from the interfaith community because this is a humanitarian issue ..."

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the world's largest Muslim body, urged Myanmar to allow in United Nations monitors so they can investigate what it alleged was systematic brutality against the Rohingya.

Human rights groups have called on the Security Council to step up the pressure on Myanmar authorities and make clear the world is watching.

He continued, "Like many other nations, India is concerned about illegal migrants, in particular, with the possibility that they could pose security challenges, enforcing the laws should not be mistaken for lack of compassion".

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