Larry King Reveals His Secret Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Larry King Reveals Battle with Lung Cancer

Larry King reveals lung cancer diagnosis

Because Larry's malignant was caught in the early stages, he was thankfully given the all-clear after it had been removed, taking off 20 percent of his lung with it. But the truth is that 83-year-old King has already had a pretty major health scare.

Larry King has revealed a recent battle with lung cancer, though he says "it wasn't really a battle".

"Then the doctor says, "I see a little spot here".

King's doctors allowed him to go on a two-week European speaking tour before he returned to have surgery to remove the malignant tumor.

Despite giving up smoking in the 1980s, doctors told Larry that the tobacco he inhaled was "still related" to his cancer.

"They said I was lucky and smart to get annual chest x-rays, because lung cancer doesn't give you any signs until it's in late stages", King said. I've done comedy, stand-up, I tell stories, I've written 15 books, I have done television [and] radio", says King, "I would like to do six months on Broadway. "When you are [getting] a checkup, get a chest X-ray because lung cancer ain't going to tell you it's there, but a simple chest X-ray will", he explains.

King dedicated two weeks for recovery, but was quick to return to work soon after. "I feel good, I get my checkups, I stay healthy, and I'm active", King told Us.

King hasn't smoked a cigarette since his heart attack in the late '80s.

King doesn't have any plans to slow down either.

"I'll die on the air probably", he joked.

King has had health issues in the past, including a heart attack and prostate cancer.

We like to think of Larry King as indestructible.

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