Mourners remember Houston officer lost to Harvey's floods



Perez drowned in floodwaters from Harvey while trying to report for duty on August 29.

Hundreds of mourners turned out for Wednesday's funeral for 60-year-old Sgt. Steve Perez. His body was found two days later.

On Tuesday afternoon family, friends and Sgt. Perez's brothers and sisters in blue gathered at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Humble for a rosary reciting. He is survived by a wife, son and daughter.

Houston police officers on motorcycles lead the procession to the church.

Police officers from all over the state of Texas shared Acevedo's sentiment that Sergeant Perez made the ultimate sacrifice during the hurricane that all officers must be willing to make.

In the predawn hours on September 3, Perez, 60, drove two and a half hours, seeking a safe route in order to report to duty.

"I was thanking them for their faith, thanking them for their strength and thanking them for allowing us to help them get through this", said Acevedo in regards to the conversation he had with the Perez family.

Perez spent his final hours trying to make roll call and save flooding victims.

"Having to make the decision to leave him there that night in that muddy water, you know, that was tough", the chief said.

Acevedo was very emotional when speaking to reporters about the department's discovery. He said he couldn't put more officers at risk. His burial was planned at the Houston National Cemetery.

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