New Autumn Rocket League Update Coming Later This Month

Rocket League's Autumn Update adds seasonal arena, new items, and a better spectator mode

What's Coming After The Autumn Update | Rocket League® - Official Site

Rocket League is getting a huge Autumn Update on all platforms come 28th September that will keep the esport evolving in a myriad of ways.

Meanwhile, the studio also went ahead and unveiled some interesting projects that it is working on implementing to the game following the Autumn Update.

A Tournament system is something we've wanted for Rocket League since our launch in July 2015. "This AI-powered camera cuts to the most relevant player's viewpoint based on what's happening in the match", developer Psyonix boasted. In-game Tournaments would allow all of our players, from Rookie to Rocketeer, to take part in competitions without ever having to leave the game client.

That's not the only PC-exclusive feature in this update as a Tournaments mode is being added with a beta going live on Steam later this year before a final version goes multi-platform next year. When finished, this new system will allow you to party up directly via PsyNet instead of the party systems now used through Steam, Xbox Live, or the PlayStation Network. The initial beta will be for PC players only and if it is successful this system could allow for cross platform party chat though that is some way off. According to the studio, this is the "first step in enabling the possibility of supporting cross-platform parties", and it will replace the current party systems in place that use Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. Besides adding the usual new arenas, cars and cosmetics, the developer hopes to update the game's tournament and party systems.

Psyonix also shared some more information regarding the new Events system that will be arriving in the Autumn Update.

Finally, Psyonix touched on the upcoming Events system, which will enable players to earn additional auto customizations through time-limited events. One of the key additions is the new seasonal arena called Farmstead, which as you may guess allows for matches to be played in a farm location.

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