Sentance resigns as State Superintendent of Education

Sentance resigns as State Superintendent of Education

Sentance resigns as State Superintendent of Education

Sentance started many projects during his short run as state superintendent, including coming up with a new strategic plan called Alabama Ascending. After one year at the helm of the state's education system, Sentance said his experience in Alabama has been incredible in many ways, not the least of which is getting to know the educators and administrators who care so much for children. With less than a full year under his belt as the State Superintendent, he found himself on the firing line in July as the Alabama Board of Education began to question his performance.

Sentance was named to the position last August.

Sentance, who oversaw almost 900 employees at the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), was given a performance review by the state Board of Education in July, where in received low marks.

In the months that followed, Sentance has found himself at the center of a debate as to whether or not he should be removed from his position. I do not take this situation lightly, and as President of the State Board of Education, I will ask the Board to accept his resignation.

In a statement from the Alabama State Department of Education, Sentance said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve as state superintendent. Sentance tells his resignation will allow him to avoid a vote to fire him later this week.

"The State Board of Education has an opportunity to refocus its efforts to improve, support, and better prepare Alabama students for the 21st-Century global economy, so that they can compete successfully".

A few board members reached late this morning said they hadn't yet gotten word of Sentance's resignation.

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