New £10 note: how to spot if yours is worth thousands

One of the new ten pound notes featuring author Jane Austen duting its launch at Winchester Cathedral in Winchester southern England

New £10 note: how to spot if yours is worth thousands

Prices ranged from just above £10 to over £25.

The note will feature iconic literary figure Jane Austen and measures 132mm x 69mm.

Sellers are offering the opportunity to pre-order notes with particularly low serial numbers, or packs of multiple notes with consecutive serial numbers.

However, the Bank of England will hold some back, for example the Queen receives AA01 000001 and the Churchill War Rooms received a new £5 note with serial number AA01 001945 - the date Second World War ended.

Perhaps easier to spot, the JA01, JA75 and JA17 prefixes will also be popular, representing Jane Austen's initials and her birth and death years.

According to website Change Checker, those with serial numbers corresponding to the author's date of birth and date of death - 16 121775 and 18 071817 - are likely to be in particularly high demand.

The design of the tenner that enters circulation this week was unveiled in July. This tactile feature helps blind and partially sighted people identify the value of the note. The new notes will be smaller than the current notes.

On the front of the polymer £10 note (the side with raised print), there are two clusters of raised dots in the top left hand corner. The current paper £10 note features Charles Darwin and is 142mm x 75mm.

"The notes will be sent on the day I get them".

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