Instagram Deletes Photo Of Boy With Facial Deformity

Instagram Deletes Photo Of Boy With Facial Deformity

Mom Says Instagram Removed Photo of Her Son With Rare Disorder

His mother, Charlie Beswick posted a photo of Harry without his prosthetic eye on Monday.

A mum has criticised Instagram for removing a photo of her son who has a facial deformity, after it was reported by another social media user. Where's your eye? Oh damn, it's still on the side at home!' "If it's not one of us it's the other!"

The angry mom's post has been retweeted more than 63,000 times and after Instagram received several complaints on her behalf, the photo was reposted at 7 p.m. on September 12.

"I'm beyond disgusted. Instagram need to rectify this discrimination!" she wrote in a Facebook post. How many crude & inapt images are circulating and THIS one of love gets removed?? I see the most attractive smile, wonderful heart & purest love.

Charlie also complained about the situation on Twitter. She said it is the second time a photo has been removed and both times the images showed Harry without his prosthetic eye.

Instagram's removal of a photo of a happy, innocent little boy just because a bunch of judgmental people don't like seeing him sends an terrible message to users, many of those users being people with physical disabilities and all of whom are deserving of the right to share their lives just like everyone else.

According to The Guardian, the photo was removed on the grounds of bullying, with the reviewer mistakenly interpreting Charlie's comical comment as possibly offensive.

Instagram's guidelines for its community of users ban anything that's considered "inappropriate for a diverse audience" which includes nudity, crime, terrorism or images that glorify self-injury.

The photo was re-uploaded to the app where the proud mother added to the original comment "Note to the person who reported the last image of my son like this". It's his FACE. If you're offended then scroll past.

Instagram's moderators continually monitor the millions of photos uploaded to the platform daily and have previously been reported as removing inoffensive posts by mistake.

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