Aldi set to launch three litre bottle of prosecco

Pass us a glass or twenty Aldi will soon be selling a three-litre bottle of Prosecco

Aldi set to launch three litre bottle of prosecco

Know anyone that fancies this as a Christmas present?

The super-cheap supermarket is set to be releasing a 3-litre bottle of Prosecco for just £39.99.

In case you're unsure about whether that's impressive or not - you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that three litres of bubbly equals around 24 glasses, and is approximately four times the capacity of a standard wine bottle.

The prosecco is 11% ABV and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The prosecco, by Jeroboam DOCG, will be available to buy in stores nationwide from November 14th but you can expect to queue from before opening hours.

Its colour is described as "light and brilliant straw coloured yellow with persistent pelage", the bouquet as "fruity, light and delicate with wisteria flowery notes", and the taste as "sweet, delicate and dry".

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